Ideals Board Portal

The Ideals board portal can be accessed from any location and device so that employees can clarify the details of the event, wherever they are. Set up individual access to data so that they see only the information they really need to work and protect themselves from leaks and theft of the database.

Access Board Packs Any Time with Ideals Board Portal

Successful organization of business is impossible without an accurate accounting of finances with Ideals Board Portal. Just enter your expenses and incomes into the event management program, which will generate financial reports from the data for any period in a few seconds. And conducting mutual settlements with suppliers and customers in it will allow you to control debts and plan a budget.

Ideals board portal closes inactive programs. Your desktop stops being a chaotic collection of open windows, and you focus on the work task. You can manually set the time after which applications will close, or you can make them close immediately after switching to another program. It is possible to customize the application for your type of work. Let’s say you need to edit photos. Social media distracts you, but your favorite songs motivate you. Then you need to set a mode in which the inactive browser window is hidden after 30 seconds, but the music remains.

There is a synchronization function, but it can be turned off. If you need to track data offline, for security purposes, for example, the Ideals board portal is one of the best solutions. Ideals board portal contains all the functionality required for time tracking:

  1. During operation, a timer is shown, you can categorize the tracked time by client or project.
  2.  The downtime tracking function makes it possible to determine the time during which an employee or freelancer was not working, but was distracted by phone calls, conversations with a client, (or stroking a cat).
  3. Additional data can be added to sessions, including the type of work performed and the hourly rate. If you haven’t tracked the time spent on a specific task, you can always add it manually.

The Main Emphasis of iDeals Board Portal

An automated customer base with the Ideals board portal will save time finding the right number and the budget for attracting new customers. The contact program stores all the information and history of each client’s calls, which makes it easier to work on a future event. And automatic mailings in the database will help to remind you of yourself. Your broadcast will be seen by thousands of people around the world, customers, and partners in any country and region, on any device. This is a great way to convey information about your product or service, to bring new customers.

The purpose of the Ideals board portal is to understand and evaluate the meaning. In situations of malicious behavior, if an attempt at voluntary settlement ends in failure, then one should look for the most effective methods of reducing the aggressor’s reputation in the eyes of the target audience whose opinion is most important to him and has the greatest influence on his behavior. Any reaction to the actions of the aggressor should be as quick as possible since the same facts can be explained in different ways to the interested audience by different parties to the conflict, and delay in responding to the opponent’s version significantly increases the risk of loss of reputation.